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18 September 2011 @ 10:26 pm
Black Pants, I Has Them  

I work in a career advising office and I’m an intern at a prominent non-profit organization. So how is it, exactly, that I’ve managed to live this life without owning a pair of black pants?

I realized this problem when I was getting dressed for work last week. There was a cold snap at the end of the week, which meant I had to trade in my pencil skirt for a pair of pants. While I do have “dress pants” (khakis and a pair of dark brown pinstripes), I don’t have plain, regular black pants. Like, seriously? I’m trained to give conduct a workshop that has a component which talks about appropriate clothing for work and I didn’t have a pair of black pants?

Thank God the business clothing section at H&M is all I can say. I hit it up yesterday and I now have a nice pair of black pants and a fitted black blazer to boot. All I need are a pair of work-appropriate heels (I’m the queen of flats when it comes to work, but I think heels give more of a professional look) and I will actually look the part of my professional roles!

(The fact that I’ve managed to create an entire entry about my lack of black pants shows you just how exciting my life has been lately. Not that I’m not enjoying life at the moment, per se; it’s just that there hasn’t been many eventful things worth sharing on this blog.)

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